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Evolving Mothers is...
Small group therapy, 3 times per month
Short online, self-paced video lessons,
Optional private Facebook community.
Parenting Support Group for Moms of Littles
Parenting Support Group for Moms of Littles
Struggling to be the mom you want to be?
(You are not alone!)

This is the place for you if:

You want to stop yelling but are struggling to do so.
You are working to create healthier family dynamics than those from your childhood.
You practice positive parenting but need support to apply it to the daily challenges.
You feel so much anger but don't know why.
You often doubt yourself and want to feel more confident as a mom.
You want to be able to help your child manage their emotions.
You are tired of feeling mom-guilt.
You want to learn better ways to respond to your triggers
You want to authentically enjoy your parenting journey.
Groups are led by therapist Keira Merkovsky on Thursdays, with virtual and in-person options.
See FAQs below for more details.
The Pillars of Evolving Mothers:
Create Awareness
The first step toward change is to create awareness around what is currently happening in your home and within yourself. There is no judgement or shame! We are simply looking for what's working and what isn't.
Develop Clarity
Next,  you need to know where you are headed. You will get clear about what values and character traits are important to you, and learn how to use those to answer the question, "What do I do when...?"
Acquire Tools
Motherhood is complicated and full of big emotions! You will learn research-based tools that will train your brain to stay calm in moments of stress. The best part is that you can teach these tools to your kids as well!

Being part of Evolving Mothers means you will :

  • be with the same small group of 8-10 moms each week in order to create strong connections and a safe place to share.

  • learn how the brain and body work so that you will understand what is going on within you and your child when emotions are big.

  • be guided through the tools that will help you respond to those big emotions without punishment, shame or yelling.
  • develop a deeper understanding of your patterns and reactions, and learn how to move toward ones that are more effective.

  • start to see your child's behaviors as communication of their needs and the skills they are lacking, rather than acts of defiance or disrespect.

  • learn from other moms, and offer them encouragement as we all grow and evolve into the best version of ourselves together!
Three 80-minute groups per month: $157
(Groups are ongoing - join any time!)
Have questions? We've got answers!

The groups are ongoing and meet on the FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD THURSDAYS of each month. Current options are ONLINE from 11:00-12:20PM PST, OR IN-PERSON IN LAGUNA HILLS, CA from 7:25-8:45PM PST. You can join anytime! If the group you prefer is full, you can be put on a waitlist and join as soon as a space opens up. If Evolving Mothers would benefit you, but those times don't work with your schedule, please send me an email at and let me know which days/times are ideal for you. When a group starts that fits your schedule, I will notify you.

The groups remain consistent in order to create a safe and connected place for moms to open up and support each other. If you need to change your assigned group for some reason, no problem. But, week to week changes are not an option.

Each week, we take some time to say hello and then do a calming or grounding activity together (a breathing exercise is one example). After that, mothers who would like to share and receive support or encouragement are able to do so. I will often share relevant concepts or strategies that are pertinent to the topics or challenges being discussed. The goal of Evolving Mothers is to have the moms leave the group having a little more self-awareness than they had at the beginning, feeling a sense of connection with other moms, and empowered with new insights or tools they can use throughout the week.

If, after your first week, you decide Evolving Mothers is not a fit for you, you can receive a full refund. If you attend two or more groups in your first month, no refunds will be given.

Yes. You can remain in your group for as long as you feel it is beneficial. You can cancel at any time and your card on file will not be charged for the following month.

This membership is geared toward mom's in the early to mid stages of parenting, with at least one child between the ages of 2 and 10.

If you are experiencing anxiety around parenting, and are ready to learn tools that will help you develop a strong relationship with your child(ren) and feel confident in your parenting decisions, this membership is for you. If you are experiencing a level of anxiety that is making it difficult for you to get through your days and function in the ways you want to be able to, a different type of support would be helpful for you in place of, or in addition to this membership. If you are looking for a therapist who can support you, please visit

Keira Merkovsky, LCSW
My own evolutionary journey inspired the idea of Evolving Mothers.
But it is moms like you-- the ones that have allowed me to walk alongside them on their growth journey-- who motivated me to create it.

The angry, resentful, guilt-ridden person that took over my body after having kids was nothing like the doting, fulfilled, confident and fun-loving mom I had imagined I would be. 

Thoughts about all the ways I was failing, and fears about ruining my kids consumed my days. 

I felt alone, terrified and lost-- like I couldn't figure out how to get to the place I wanted to be. That place where I actually knew HOW to be the mother I had dreamt of being. 

Shortly after my youngest was born, 15 months to the day after my first, I went to a dark, dark place that brought my internal suffering to the surface and demanded interventions and support.

Up until that day, I had tried to convince myself that, because I was a therapist, I could get through the pain on my own.

I couldn't have been more wrong. 

The years that followed were represented by an internal wrestling match that took place between my instinctual explosive reactions and the rehearsed-but-not-yet-genuine responses that aligned with the person I was working on becoming.

Each month I would see more and more of the latter, and less of the former.

The realization that I wasn't stuck being the me I didn't want to be, and that I had the ability to evolve into a version of me that felt authentic and content, was one of life's greatest gifts to me. 

As my children grew and their personalities blossomed, more of my triggers and unhelpful beliefs came to the surface. But by then I had the right set of tools in my toolbox to work through them. And, when I didn't, I was able to acknowledge that fact and knew where to find them.

I had finally gotten to the place where I could enjoy my children, and feel confident(ish) weathering the inevitable storms that parenting brings. 

That journey, while painful and messy, has turned into one of my greatest blessings.

It has become the source of passion that motivates me to support other moms on their journey of becoming. Growing. Evolving. 

I have had the privilege of doing so with over a hundred women from various parts of the world. If you are ready to start learning and evolving, I hope you will allow me to walk alongside you as well. 

Change is possible. Parenting can be enjoyable. 

I promise. ❤️